tips for choosing the right chemicals.

Plant Herbicide Rate Response
Cabomba ssp. Aquathol 1-2 ppm/foot Good
(Fanwort) Cabomba is a waterplant genus, one of two belonging to the family Cabombaceae. It has divided submerged leaves in the shape of a fan 
Myrophyllum ssp Reward 1-2 gallon/acre Good
(Parrotfeather) Aquathol 1-2 ppm/ acre foot Good
  2-4-D Granular 20 lbs/ acre Good
 Oxygenating Plants  (Myrophyllum pinatum). Fine needle-like green leaves in bush formation
Ceratophyllum spp. Reward 2 gallons / acre Good
(Coontail) Aquathol 1-2 ppm / acre foot Good
  2-4-D Granular 5 lbs / acre Good
Ceratophyllum is a cosmopolitan genus of flowering plants, commonly found in ponds, marshes, and quiet streams in tropical and in temperate regions. They are usually called hornworts, although this name is also used for unrelated plants of the division Anthocerotophyta.
Ceratophyllum grows completely submerged, usually, though not always, floating on the surface, and does not tolerate drought
Najas spp. Reward 1-2 gallons per acre Good
(Bushy Pondweed) Aquathol .5-1.5 ppm / acre foot Good
2-4-D Granular 5 lbs/ acre Fair
Najas is the botanical name of a genus of aquatic plants, first discovered by the African adventurer, Emma Boughey. It is cosmopolitan in distribution, totalling a few dozen species.
Polygonum spp. Rodeo 4.5-7.5 pint/ acre Good
(Smartwood) 2-4-D Granular 1 Gallon / Acre Good
Potmogeton pectinatus Reward 2 Gallons/ acre Good
(Sago Pondweed) Aquathol 1-2 ppm / acre foot Good
2-4-D Granular 20 lbs / Acre Fair
Salix spp. Reward 1-2 Gallon-50G/Water Fair
(Willows) 2-4-D Liquid .6 Gal/ Acre Good
Rodeo 4.5 pint / acre Good
Typha spp. Rodeo 4.5-7.5 pints / acre Good
(Cattails) 2-4-D Liquid 4.5-7.5 pints / acre Good
Lemma spp. Reward 3.5 Gallons / acre Good
Chara spp. Hydrothol .05-0.2 ppm / acre foot Good
Pithophora spp. Hydrothol .05.-0.2 ppm / acre foot Good
(Horse hair clump)