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Fish Stocking
When your pond is complete, or your established pond needs re-stocking, give us a call.

 We have many varieties of fish available, including:
Coppernose Bluegill,  Native Bluegill,  Hybrid Bluegill,
Catfish, Grass Carp,  Largemouth Bass, 
Tilapia, Fathead minnows, Redear Sunfish,
Black Crappie, Hybrid Crappie, and Golden Shiners..

 All fish are guaranteed disease free and we offer satisfaction without the hassle.

Largemouth Bass  *

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Catfish  *

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Grass Carp

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*Artwork by Duane Raven, USDI / USFWS

Forage Fish

 Some thoughts on fish stocking in small ponds and small lakes in Southeastern United States.

Charles “Bo” Collins, Fisheries Biologist

I cannot think of a better way of spending leisure time than with your friends and loved ones fishing.  What really helps us enjoy and remember that fishing experience is catching a “stringer” full of quality fish.  This does not just happen in ponds and small lakes if the fishing water is not stocked with the right kind of fish.   If your fishing water is improperly stocked, disappointment will result plus costing a considerable amount of money that could have been spent on buying the right kind of fish.

Fish Stocking in Water Less than One Acre 
If the body of water is less than one surface acre, the best choice would be to stock channel catfish or hybrid bluegill.  Since limited reproduction will occur with either of the species, channel catfish could be stocked anywhere from 50 to 200 per acre and hybrid bluegill up to 300 per acre.  This rate is based on waters that are void of fish.  Fathead minnows could be added for forage.  Fish should be offered a commercial fish food (preferably floating) at least 2 to 3 times per week from spring through fall.  The stocking size for channel catfish and hybrid bluegill would be from 3 to 8 inches.  Fish could be stocked in the fall or spring. 

Fish Stocking in Waters Exceeding One Acre
Waters exceeding one acre can be stocked with several species of fish.  The following table can serve as a guideline.  Table is based on stocking a body of water void of fish.

Bluegill  3 – 4  300 – 500  Fall
Hybrid bluegill  3 – 4  50 – 300  Fall
Redear Sunfish  3 – 4  100 – 200  Fall
Fathead minnows  N/A  5 – 10 lbs. Fall
Largemouth bass  3 – 4  50 – 75  Spring
Channel catfish 3 – 4 50 – 200  Fall or Spring
Grass carp* 3 – 4  5 Spring
* The number of grass carp to stock will vary depending on the abundance of aquatic vegetation.  For a new body of water without a weed problem, stocking at the above rate is suggested.  When weeds are starting to become a problem, additional grass carp may be needed. 

    Other species such as the black crappie and, in recent years, hybrid striped bass have been used for stocking.   I would not recommend stocking black crappie unless the body of water exceeds 50 surface acres.  Stocking rate for black crappie should not exceed 50 per surface acre and should be stocked in the spring.  DO NOT STOCK white crappie since they have a tendency to overpopulate.  Hybrid striped bass should only be stocked where large numbers of gizzard shad are present.  Stocking rate for hybrid striped bass should not exceed 25 per surface acre. 
Sunrise Fisheries, Inc. would be glad to supply you with fish for stocking.  We have been providing this service for many years and would appreciate your business. 

You can reach us by calling (870) 265-1205. 
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