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Aquatic Herbicides
Knowing the right chemicals to use in your lake or pond
can make a difference. 

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Use in lakes, ponds, ornamental, fish farming,and water scapes bodies of water to control weeds and algae.  Aquashade turns the water an attractive shade of aqua-blue by filtering out the right amount of sunlight, thereby controlling aquatic weeds and algae. 
This is the only lake dye with E.P.A. registration to be used as a plant growth regulator.  To achieve best results, Aquashade should be applied before the growing season begins.  Use 1 gallon of Aquashade per surface acre(4 feet deep) or 1 ounce per 10,000 gallons. 
Part # Description Ship Wt Price Price 4+
110-AS-90 1 gal 9 lbs call call

Aquathol K

Aquathol K has the ability to control many aquatic plants without great risk of harm to your fish and other aquatic life.  Though this effective water soluble concentrate offers a margin of safety, some water restrictions apply after use.   One should follow the label for directions of use and restrictions.    Aquathol K is available in 2.5 gallon liquid and 40 pound granular containers.
Part # Description Ship Wt Price Price 3+
110-AK-10 Aqualthol 2.5 gal 26.lbs

Copper Sulfate

Use Copper Sulfate to control algae and certain weeds.  This product is toxic to some fish in soft water.

Part # Description Ship Wt. Price Price 3+
110-CO-4 50 lbs 54 lbs
Cutrine Plus
Use this algaecide in lakes, potable water reservoirs, farm, fish and fire ponds. Special care should be given when using Cutrine Plus in water that contains members of the Carp family, such as minnows and trout. Cutrine Plus is effective in controlling nitella, chara and bottom growth of filamentous algae. 
This product may be used in fresh or salt water.  No water restrictions apply following application. 
Part # Description Ship Wt Price Price 3+
110-CP-02 1 gal 26.lbs call call

This herbicide is effective against all types of aquatic weeds.  Herbicidal action and absorption typically works fast.  Results are apparent within a few days. 
Part # Description Ship Wt Price Price 2+
110-RW-01 2.5 gal 28 lbs call

Rodeo is used to control weeds and other emergents around ponds and ditch banks. Use of a surfactant is generally required to enhance Rodeo’s performance. 
Part # Description Ship Wt Price Price 3+
110-RDD-1  2.5 gal 28 lbs
This broad range potent herbicide is used to control shoreline grasses, submersed, emerged and floating weeds.  Sonar has the highest success rate among herbicides for hydrilla control.  For best results, apply Sonar in the Spring just as weeds begin to grow. 
Part # Description Ship Wt Price
110-SPR-001  1 Quart 1.lbs CALL
110-SPR-002 1 Gallon 11.lbs CALL
110-SPR-003 40 Pounds 41.lbs CALL


All prices subject to change with market.

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